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Copyright and Copyleft

During our EDCI 568 class conversation on Thursday, the topic of copyright came up.

During my formal post secondary schooling as well as classroom teaching and professional development, I thought I knew about copyright. I thought I understood the concept and how to effectively teach my students and things to be aware of.

Boy was I wrong.

When I am working with my students and they are starting to explore the online world through research, I make sure we are having conversations about reliable sources, talking about intellectual property, and the importance of taking notes and rewriting in your own words in order to avoid copyright infringement. However, one thing that Dr. Irving shared with us is a site called Creative Commons. This site allows you to search images where their owners have definite ownership and have given permission to share. Included on the site when you search a photo is also how you can site the image in order to give recognition to the owner.

How to attribute CC materials

This is definitely something that I am going to include in my future teachings, as well as having the conversation about ownership of their own work, ideas, and content online.

Some interesting tools to use as well are Fair Dealing (Canada) or Fair Use (USA). They are not Creative Commons but exceptions for use of copyrighted material. See:


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