Alec Couros – Dropping knowledge on the #tiegrad’s

Ideas to ponder:

  • SAMR Model of Technology Integration (see above)
    • teacher has to be proficient in the tool and the ecosystem in which it exists before asking students to use it
    • it’s okay to be hesitant – start small (not every integration needs to be at the redefinition level)
  • Using YouTube as a research/learning tool
  • There is an abundance of information and tools out there for students to use, put them in situations where they can communicate in their ‘language’ and then translate it into a safe and generally understood platform
  • Providing opportunities and choice for students in order to show their learning (once they know how to acquire the knowledge, they need to explore different ways to show it

“If students are doing the same things in the classroom, are we really being innovative?” – Alec Couros

  • Social Media is a great way to connect to a network (develop your PLN)
  • Social Media can also be a teaching tool (students learning in multimodalities)
  • Using Social Media and crowd sourcing to learn (e.g. ‘The Learning Project’ by Alec Couros, videos by Mike Boyd)
  • Technology in the Elementary School context
    • Grades K-3:
      • understanding how to consume information
      • robotics
      • makerspaces
    • Grades 4-7
      • understanding the world of connecting and developing and understanding an audience
      • targeted ads
      • digital sleuthing (using the internet to find out all the information you can on someone *with their permission*)
      • practice Tweeting (papers around the room – limited characters, can comment below)
      • Twitter template (students have to submit potential Tweets and class discusses their thoughts)
      • FlipGrid

Lingering Question(s): Work in progress

  • How do you have conversations with staff members who are concerned about engaging with social media in the school context?